Garmin BaseCamp

Garmin Basecamp is another modern marvel from the Garmin family which will let you plan all your outdoor activities, data organizing and share all your adventures with the world.


Trip planning:

BaseCamp lets you plan your next adventure like hiking, motorcycling, biking, driving. You can also plan routes, view maps and also mark all waypoints and tracks all from your computer. You can also transfer the data to your device.

The Track Draw feature allows you to trace your planned route. You can also view elevation changes which will certainly help to estimate the difficulty of the bike ride or hike.

You get the ability to plan the perfect scenic route for your next road trip with the help of Garmin GPS and BaseCamp.

You can also playback your tracks and routes again and again. You can also share your adventure with the world.

Terrain Survey

With BaseCamp you can display your topographic data in either 3-D or 2-D form on your computer screen. It includes elevation profiles and contour lines.

Geotag Photos

BaseCamp provides you with the ability to geotag photos, so you can associate them with special waypoints. You can also transfer the photos to your Garmin device and also publish photos directly to Picasa. Your family and friends can go directly to favourite spots in the future.

Transfer Satellite Images

With the BaseCamp and BirdsEye Imagery, you can transfer an unlimited number of satellite images to your device and integrate into your maps. This gives you a true picture of your surroundings. It helps you to check for campsites, potential hazards, sources of water.

Update Now

Garmin Base Camp updates and downloads

For Windows:
Notes before downloading the Garmin BaseCamp:
Windows 7 SP1 or later. Older machines with old operating systems can use older software.

.NETframework 4.6 is required. The updated version will be required.

At least 1GB of system memory is needed. 2 GB is required when you would like to use BirdsEye Imagery and Garmin Custom Maps.
Download for Windows
For MAC:
Basecamp is a 3D software application that helps you to transfer custom maps, waypoints, tracks between your Apple computer and Garmin device.

System Requirements

Intel-based Apple computer running OS 10.13 or higher. At least 1024 MB RAM (2048 MB recommended for Garmin Custom Map).
Download for Mac


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