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Garmin Latest Maps update of 2019

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The updated maps of 2019 are out now. Download to feel the difference now. The updates with all new alerts for live traffic, speed cameras, weather.

Don’t compromise your safety while driving. The latest updates are here to make your driving even safer.

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Latest Car GPS Update of 2019

Download the latest maps of 2019 and drive confidently with all new personalized navigation and easy to follow menu. Become more aware when you’re behind the steering.

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Go On adventures with the Motorcycle GPS

Get the all new motorcycle GPS with the latest new routes. Leave the highways and explore the unexplored. Travel on breathtaking motorcycles trails. Be a rider and roam the wild.

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Deliver to Your customers on Time with Truck GPS

Truck GPS maps with all new updated routes of 2019. Never be worried about going on restricted roads and getting expensive tickets. Helps your delivery on time.

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Go camping with your Family with the RV GPSs

Go on trips with your family and loved ones. Find new adventures, tracks, camping grounds and meet new people. Share your adventures with others on social media with the latest features of 2019.

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Garmin Sat Nav Updates


Get the most efficient and alternate routes with each map update. Get the latest map of 2019 now.

Live Services

Real-time alert services will take care of the weather, traffic jams, roadblocks.

Speed Cameras

This alert service will provide you warnings whenever there is a speed camera installed on the road.


Latest software updates make driving safe and intuitive. It will also prolong the working life of the device.

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Updating Maps on Your Garmin Device

The map and software can be updated easily by connecting the device with either a Windows computer or a Mac computer. We recommend all our users to regularly check for updates by connecting to the computer.

Update your Garmin

Just connect your Garmin GPS with the computer and check for available updates.

Content Management

The content can be easily managed with the latest updates.

Getting Support

Our support helpline is always available for all our customers.

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Steps To Update Garmin GPS

Garmin can be easily updated by following these simple steps.

Step 1

Connect the Garmin GPS to the computer and then turn on the device.

Step 2

Garmin will then check for updates available for your device.

Step 3

Click on the “update” button and install the update. Afterwards, wait for the installation to finish.

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Main Issues During the Update Process
No Maps on the device

If you’re not seeing any maps on the device then it might be possible that the device maps are unreadable by the computer.

Error Message

After connecting the device to the computer if you’re getting this message then remove the device and then reconnect it.

Device Not Recognized

If your Garmin device is not recognized by the computer then there could be a problem of outdated drivers.

Fix Device


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