Garmin Zumo 396 LMT

Garmin Zumo 396 LMT

The Garmin Zumo 396 is a GPS device with a 4.3-inch display which comes with motorcycle navigation for the twisty and adventures road.

The GPS device is rugged, sunlight-readable and glove-friendly which is able to resist UV rays, harsh weather and fuel vapours.

You can sync the device with the smartphone to control the music, handsfree calling, smart sharing when you are riding group. You can also access live services like weather and traffic.

The rider alert features alerts the rider for coming up sharp curves, speed camera, animal crossings and much more. When you install the Smartphone link app you get all the automatic incident notifications. You can also control the mp3 music on the go while riding.

This device has built-in Wi-Fi to get the notifications about the updates available when you connect to the Wi-Fi.

  • Motorcycle specific routes to avoid highways
  • Rugged and glove-friendly design
  • Sync with the smartphone
  • Wi-Fi to keep you updated
  • Rider alert features to make the driving safe
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