Garmin Support Phone Number: Call 0330-113-3590. Now for GPS related issues

Our customer support experts are ready to help with your any device-related issues. You can contact our GPS experts on the helpline number any time.

Our support team not only provides help for device issues and errors but also with software and maps update issues. They also help in purchasing new services and maps of a new region.

Twenty-four-hour support is available for all the users of Garmin UK and Garmin US.


Never get lost while travelling with our technology

We are specialist in the GPS navigation technology. We manufacture the best GPS devices for your cars, RVs, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks. We help you in getting to your destination safely, easily and on-time. Garmin navigation technology provides you with real-time information about weather, traffic and other factors which can hamper your travelling.

Get peace of mind with Garmin GPS devices

Our GPS devices guarantee you with peace of mind about never getting lost, even travelling to a new location. The superior hardware and software help in getting signal even in remote regions. We help you in finding the nearest shopping malls, restaurants, rest areas and many other locations.

Our GPS devices which include many different models like car GPS, Rv GPS, smart wearables help you in planning and going on a family trip and in your daily commute. With our intelligent navigation technology, you can easily get out a huge traffic jam or other sticky situation.

Some features of our intelligent devices

  • User-Friendly interface and features:
  • Every device that we manufacture has been made with years of Research and Development, we try to make the device easy to use. Every device is user-friendly with the superior software that we provide.
    You can easily concentrate on the road while driving and it does not take away your attention. Every device will provide you with easy-to-understand driving instructions.

  • Clear and easy to see map and directions:
  • The maps on every device are clear and directions are easy to understand. It does not require a learning curve, the devices also give you clear automated voice instructions.

  • Additional alert features:
  • With our intelligent driving feature, you will also get other additional alerts features like speed warnings, red lights, traffic, school zones and much more. These alerts feature helps in driving around the town more safely and carefully.


Never worry about outdated maps with our map updates

With our Garmin map updates feature your maps are always updated with the latest changes. Our company provides a map update four times a year, to keep the users ahead in travelling.

The data on the map is the most accurate without missing even a tiny detail. It covers all the roads, streets, highways, address changes. Our maps even cover the under-construction roads.

Download Garmin Express for updating maps and software

The maps on the device become outdated after some time due to the construction happening around the region. The map update is a simple process, which only requires an internet-enabled computer, a USB cable and in some cases a micro SD card. First, you have to perform Garmin Express download and installation to your computer. This software is available for both Windows and Mac.

This software application allows you to download the latest version of the maps and drivers on your GPS device. When you connect your device to the computer and run the program then it will show you the list of all the available updates for your device. The software will also help you to download those updates.

Issues for which you can contact the Garmin UK and Garmin US customer support

Customer support can be contacted for various issues, some of the major problems are listed below:

  • Difficulty in downloading and installing the Garmin.Com/Express on your Windows and Mac computer
  • Issues relating to the GPS device registration
  • Downloading the latest map on your device
  • Software update failure
  • Unable to connect the device with the server

Contacting our customer service for getting help

Garmin customer service team is always ready to lend a helping hand to all the users. You can contact our customer service by three methods: Calling on the helpline number 0330-113-3590, via LiveChat and by email. We recommend all our users to always keep their device updated.


We provide the best Garmin customer service for GPS map update, new map purchase and software updates in the US, Canada, the UK and Germany. Contact us now to know if you have a free Garmin maps update available for your device. You can contact us by phone call 0330-113-3590, message or LiveChat. We provide a safe, effective and easy solution to every Garmin user.

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