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System Requirements

Windows 7 SP or newer, Microsoft .NET 4.5.2
1024 * 768 display, USB port and 1 GB RAM
High-Speed Internet connection
Free 20 GB free disk space
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OS X 10.11 or newer
1440 * 900 display, USB port and 1 GB RAM
High-speed internet connection
Free 20 GB disk space
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Map Updates

Get the latest detailed maps for ensuring fast, accurate navigation. Map updates help you to travel without worrying about routes and traffic jams.

Software Updates

Software updates help to make the menu and maps more intuitive. It also helps to prolong the useful life of the device by keeping it updated.

Golf Course Updates

Get the latest and the best golf courses in the country with the Golf course updates. The updates are specially tailored for golf device.

Update Your Maps

If you want to update your maps or want to buy new maps then connect your device and click on the update button.

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