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BY checking this box, you are authorizing us to use cookies on our website and advertising on other websites which also includes Facebook ads.

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What are cookies?

A cookie is a text filed which is placed on a device which is connected to your computer.

What kind of cookies are there?

There are distinctly two types of cookies. Namely: Functional cookies and Personalization & advertisement cookies and settings

Functional cookies

Functional cookies sued by Garmin GPS are only for functional purposes like storing and retrieval of information on the website. Site analytic cookies too form part of functional cookies sued by us.

Personalization & advertisement cookies and settings

These cookies help us collect your ad preference related data based on which we personalize the ads as per your choices. We make use of the following cookies:

  • AdWords: Completely related to ads offered by Google
  • DoubleClick: For websites on this site or partner websites
  • Facebook: For Facebook Ads
  • BlueKai: For BlueKai network ads
  • Bing: Ads offered by Bing search engine
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn Ads

If you aren’t interested in our cookies or their settings, you can simply uncheck the above box and continue usage of the website.

Does Garmin GPS use any other technologies than cookies?

Apart from cookies, we sometimes do make use of file transfer and Web API’s (Web Application Programming Interfaces).


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